The beauty of a modern underground wine cellar is that not only are they the perfect space saving place to store your wine; they really are becoming beautiful focal points to showcase your wine collections. Here are 8 reasons why storing your wine in an underground wine cellar is the perfect cellaring solution.

1. Space Saving Storage With Effective Time Installation

The Wine Cellar Company’s ‘Hex’ underground wine cellar’s initial excavation is 2.5m wide. The actual finished ‘Hex’ glass entrance door is only 1,722m at its widest point.  Our modula underground system will also only take from 8 to 12 days for the installation. There’s no long installation period for converting a room in your property for your wine storage plus still maintaining that vital room and freeing up space.

2. Steady, Natural Temperature Control (between 11° and 18° C)

From 2.0 to 3.0 meters deep the cellar will naturally keep cool using the ground temperature, the concrete wine structure and a passive air flow to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. This will then hold that consistent temperature throughout the seasons and of course no need to use a wine cooling mechanical unit which will need maintenance annually.

3. Naturally Keeps Humidity Between 65 and 70%

The most important reason for maintaining the correct levels of humidity is to ensure that the cork remains in the best condition. Whilst storing a wine bottle on its side will keep the inside face of the cork safe from deterioration, the side exposed to the outside is still at risk.

The higher degree of humidity is required to stop the outside part of the cork from drying out. If the cork does become too dry then this can lead to oxygen entering the bottle, which can cause the wine to oxidise.

The nature of the ‘Hex’ wine cellar environment will naturally keep the humidity between 65 and 70% throughout the seasons to ensure that your wine is kept safe. No mechanical humidity unit will be required, so they’ll be no need for an annual maintenance bill every year. The Wine Cellar Company like to keep it natural and maintenance free.

4. Bottle Storage

Each of our wine storage units can take up to 26 standard wine bottles which equates to 156 bottles per row and for a 3mtr deep cellar that’s 1,716 bottles.

That’s great storage for a reasonably small space taken up within your floor area. Even our small 2mtr deep cellar can take up to 1,092 standard bottles.

We even have a specially designed double height wine units for Special Reserve, Late Bottled Vintage and Tawny Ports bottles for storing upright. While the Vintage Port and Quinta dos Canais Vintage Ports should still be stored laying down with the label facing up for the traditionalist. These double height wine units will also be great for storing your Whiskey Collection.

Unlike wine the storing of Whiskey needs to be stored in a vertical position. Because of the high concentration of alcohol (40%Vol+) will if stored laying down will course decay and gradually disintegrate the cork and allow oxygen to enter the bottle and oxidise the content thus affecting the taste. The cork will also lase an unpleasant flavour to the whiskey.

Our Tip For Whiskey is to tilt your bottles horizontally two or three time a year so that the liquid soaks the cork. Then restore the bottles to their upright position. This will keep the cork fresh and oxidation at a minimum.

5. Vibration Free

Vibration can disturb sediment present in the bottle and can also cause complex chemical reactions which are less visible. The increased kinetic energy through vibration will lead to a decrease in tartaric and succinic acids coursing a reduction in esters (organic acids), which dull the flavour.

The Wine Cellar Company’s structural engineers have designed the underground Wine Cellar to be vibration free. Even our London installations are safe from London Underground tube vibrations. If you’re close to main roads/railways/airports and any other courses of vibration, your wine will always be safe in our cellar.

6. Natural Passive Air Flow

Storing your wine in a natural environment is the most important element for us.

To make that work with an underground cellar we need to use a passive air flow system which consist of two 60mm pipes.

One pipe will enter into the top of the cellar (within one of our wine units) and must exit under your floor to the outside wall on the north side of your property. This pipe will naturally bring cool air to the top of the cellar. The weight of the cool air will push any warm air in the cellar out veer the other lower pipe,  which will route up from the bottom of the Hex Wine Cellar (within one of our wine units) and also exit under your floor to the north side of your property. (the pipes are not visible in the cellar).

 The reason for the pipes to exit to the north side is very simple…it’s the coolest side of your property and normally out of direct sunlight. That simple push and pull of the natural air will keep that moderate temperature and humidity within the cellar throughout the seasons.  Again no need for any mechanical wine cooling unit….keeping the environment natural for your collection.

7. Reduced Natural Light

Even with our glass doors we have a solution to prevent natural light entering the cellar. If required, we can install our Liquid Crystal Switchable Film to the underside of the glass door. At the push of a button on our control panel the film can turn from transparent to nearly opaque, blocking 97% of light from entering the cellar.

8. Respecting all the necessary characteristics for preserving your wines

The Underground Hex Wine Cellar does what it says on the tin. Respecting your wine characteristics at all times. To keep the sweetness – the acidity – the tannin levels – the fruity flavours and also those wines that are light or full-bodied.