Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to ‘Dry Jan’ 2021. It’s the month where we are encouraged to abstain and reset for 31 days, giving our bodies a well deserved break from the lavish amounts of booze consumed during the Christmas period. How many of you are on the ‘dry Jan’ boat?

If you are, I’ve got some great recommendations for low or non – alcoholic drinks to help get you through January and beyond.  I’ve search and tasted red & white wines – beers – gins – cocktails & ciders over the past few months and I’ve come up with my top 8 favourites. 

In no particular order here are my top recommendations.

Win Tempranillo

Gluten Free Win Tempranillo from the dry inlands of Spain and in the region of Valbuena de Duero. Made of course from the Tempranillo grape, this wine has touches of cherry, black berries & strawberries with a little touch of spices. 

This is of full body cardinal red with clean aromas with young red fruits which on the palate is off-dry and medium acidity. 

The Tempranillo grape for this wine comes from vineyards specifically grown and used for dealcoholized wines and had a medium maceration.

You can purchase from DryDrinker online at

Costs £7 – £10

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Alcohol-free Riesling 2016

This German dry complex wine is full of fresh flavour with notes of citrus and yellow stone fruits also hints of rhubarb and apples. 

Pairs well with seafood and fish dishes. This wine is basically a good all rounder from my point of view. 

You can purchase from Waitrose for £7.00

Birra Moretti Zero Larger

This larger is my normal go to beer but I was pleasantly surprised to find this non-alcoholic Moretti really good on the taste which is gentle, smooth and fragrant and only 66 calories per bottle. Moretti’s master brewers have done an exceptionally fab job introducing and creating this natural sweet lemon smell with signs of pale larger malts and a balance of sweet & savoury flavoured beer. 

You can purchase from Sainsbury and most outlets across the UK

Cost: £3.50 for 3 x 330ml

Hazy IPA By Coast Beer Co.

Now…this beer absolutely took me by surprise. Not normally an IPA drinker, but I must say this beer is very-very good indeed for a non-alcoholic beverage. 

This IPA was the first beer brewed by Coast Beer Co, launched in spring 2019 is an absolute classic. Full bodied with citrus and tropical fruit flavours from the dry hopping of fresh Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic. I found low bitterness and very juicy indeed.

Basically this is all natural ingredient beer which make a stunning drink..

You can purchase direct from Coast Beer Co at

Cost: £22 for a case of 12 or £ 40 for a case of 24

Everleaf Marine Gin

Everleaf was founded by Paul Mathews, a Conservation Biologist and also a bartender behind his own bar.

Paul always wanted to develop a non-alcoholic aperitif and knew that the natural world would have the answer. 

A year in the making the Everleaf Brand was developed. Using land and sea plants such as acacia trees and seaweeds, Everleaf Marine was launched to the world. 

I must say I have not tried many non-alcoholic gins in my life but this one stands out a mile as the Top Dog in the alternative to a gin & tonic. Gluten free and suitable for vegans with only 38 calories for 50ml. 

From sustainable botanical marine flavours including Juniper, Bergmont and Dulse, this is a must buy….It’s such a great drink.

You can purchase direct at

or buy at Sainsbury or M&S

Cost: £18

Thatchers Zero Cider

Four generations and 116 years of making cider the Thatchers Family have now started producing a non-alcoholic cider. 

The master cidermakers at Myrtle Farm in Somerset have come up with this great looking cider, which is bright, golden, crisp, medium dry taste with of course a fruity aroma. It’s a fab drink which is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs plus it’s gluten free!

Definitely check this cider out as it offers the premium experience people are looking for when choosing an alcohol-free alternative. 

You can purchase direct at:  or Sainsbury’s & Tesco

Cost: £1.80 for a 500ml bottle or £20.30 for 12 pack

Kolibri Cocktails

Kolibri Drinks founded by Kamila and Vincent Sitwell wanted to bring to the market soft drinks with no fuss. They came up with the first customisable drinks which for the first time gives the customer control of the key ingredients.

It took them three years to design, test, develop and patent cap technology, which enables customisation to the package. 

Basically, in a nutshell, you can add and in this case add CBD. What is CBD you may ask?

CBD is the chemical compound from the cannabidiol sativa plant. CBD is the big trend in the drinks market at present. You can add this to your cocktail with your control.

This is a fab way of drinking a cocktail. I absolutely recommend these drinks with a good choice of flavours of Dark Forest, Citrus Grove with the CBD in the cap and personalise with liqueur de dosage in the cap for the Tuscany, Somerset and Marrakesh flavours. 

You can purchase direct at  or from Holland & Barrett 

Cost for Dark Forest & Citrus Grove: £69 for a 12 pack and £34 for the 6 pack

Cost for Tuscany, Somerset & Marrakesh: £54 for a 12 pack and £27 for the 6 pack



CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring ingredient found in both industrial hemp and cannabis sativa. It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the major active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive.


Founder Spencer Matthews developed CleanCo to produce drinks to help everybody maintain a cleaner lifestyle. He has come up with low alcoholic Rums & Gins and made by Union Distillers.

I’ve picked the Rum for my recommendation. This Clean Rum has no sugar or sweeteners. It’s suitable for vegans and is lactose and gluten free with 1.2% alcohol per 50ml serving.

This big flavoured Jamaican rum is mixed with their secretly guarded blend of spices, which to be honest, is very good on the nose with the classic spiced Rum undertones of caramel & cayenne pepper flavours with that traditional golden colour.

A truly fabulous Rum which I mixed with a little less coke than normal. This was only to try and balance up against the normal spiced Rum which I would usually have, and this light mix definitely worked well with me.

You can purchase direct at Clean Co

or from Sainsbury’s

Cost: £16-20