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Our Consultation with you (What’s involved)

Our consultation with you is the most important meeting we will have. It’s the beginning of the process of making sure that we deliver the correct wine cellar for you and detailing all the specifics that you have requested. We will also discuss with you all the stages involved with installing your Wine Cellar.

We feel it’s good to see a brief of the process while you browse through our website.

Please do look through the details below of what to expect from our consultation with you.

    • The first options will look for is the correct location for the cellar.
    • We will ask first what is the ideal location of the cellar you were thinking of. We will also advice you if the location is suitable from an accessibility / design and a structural technical point of view.
    • Establishing the age of your house & type plus if the house is listed or if we need to apply for Planning Permission or any Party Wall Agreements. As a general rule planning permission is not required only Building Regulations. We will take care of all these elements for you if required.
    • It’s also really important that we explain how the cellar works, how the cellar keeps to the correct temperature and humidity plus how we monitor the cellar throughout the day.
    • The essential element we like to explain to you is the complete fitting process of the cellar from start to finish, the expectations. We like to call this “The Programme of Works”.
    • The cellar comes with many specifications which can be quite detailed. This for us, is of course the most important part of the consultation. What type cellar – door – lights etc that you would prefer or we would recommend. We will explain every detail with you.
    • Your existing finished floor will also be discussed. We will ask if you are keeping the floor or replacing. This will be an important element to discuss and we will recommend the ideal scenario for you. This will only apply if the cellar installation is within your existing room. This will not apply to new build extensions or a new build house or other development.
  • During the meeting we will also survey the area to look for potential heating & drainage pipes below the floor and in the ground plus all electrical cables and power supply that will be required for the installation.
  • Because we excavate into the ground, we will survey the ground conditions. What type of soil – rock – stone – sand and the water table there is in the area. A Geological Survey will be undertaken to establish the conditions and reported back to our Structural Engineers to assess.
  • The access to your property will be looked at as part of the surveying element of our visit. This will enable us to use the correct transportation of your cellar to your house and if sufficient space is on your drive or a curb side drop onto your road may be required.
  • Photos will be taken of the potential cellar installation area and access routes to the area. This will include all area’s around the house including road – driveway – paths & gardens leading up to your house. We will ask permission from yourselves before we take any such photos. Privacy Policy
  • Once we have completed all your specification for the cellar, we will then go through all the costings with you. You will have full costs at that stage. There could be some elements of the costing that we may need to check after our visit but generally we like to leave you with the full costs. An email will be sent to you either later that day or the next detailing your cellar quotation.
  • Please do allow around 2 hours max for the consultation.

To arrange a consultation or if you have any queries, please do click contact us or you can discuss on our chat line anytime.


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