The Wine Cellar Company are looking for prestigious kitchen showrooms within the UK to collaborate with.  We would like to work together with you to showcase our unique underground ‘Hex’ wine cellar.

Did you know that 80% of wine cellars are installed in kitchens?

A SMART wine cellar will compliment any prestigious kitchen and work perfectly with any kitchen design.  Additionally, we can match textures, colours, lighting designs and upholstery to fit in with any kitchen style.

With fabulous glass and concealed smart doors and eye and finger recognition soft touch wall panel security, this wine cellar is a safe haven for any wine storage collection.

Being below the ground, our wine cellars are the perfect space saving commodity, for storing wine and pantry items.

The Wine Cellar Company prides itself on quality, experience, and service. Moreover, we are a family run business who believe that our customers and your customers have the same goals.

√ quality craftmanship

√ attention to detail

√ experienced installation

√ excellent personal

√ reliable customer service care

√ expert solutions to overcome any problem

Our wine cellars are designed to fit in effortlessly with every unique bespoke kitchen design.

To find out more about working together, please give me a call on 020 8004 1771 or email

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