Customise & Cellar Packages

Bespoke & Accessorize your Cellar.

You can bespoke the interior of your wine cellar which can include

  • The cellar concrete material to a texture and colour within our range
  • The cellar spiral stair case
  • Led lights to a colour and mood zones of your choice
  • All coverings for the stair treads and trims
  • All coverings for the main stainless steel stair column
  • Double concrete wine bin for display and Port Bottle storage
  • Display shelves for the wine bins

Bespoke Glass & Concealed Motorized doors for floors

We can also design and manufacture glass and concealed doors for other applications such as an existing cellar basement access or an underground room that has been created or in the process of developing a new room within your project.

The Direct Hex Wine Cellar Package (for Home Owner / Contractors & Developers)

You can also have the option to purchase a direct cellar package from us. This package will give you the option to buy and install the Hex Wine Cellar by yourself or by using your own contractor for the installation.

Developers or Contractors can also buy the direct Hex Wine Cellar Package from us for your schemes. We will work with you from your initial design concept to the completion of your development.

All the Direct Hex Wine Cellar packages come with a Project Management on-site back up for the installation. This will enable the cellar installation to be certified by The Wine Cellar Company.


Wine Cellar Styling